Butter-Fly Capacitance Hat

Butter-Fly Capacitance Hat


Butter-Fly Capacitance Hat

A capacitance hat for Any Screw Driver Mobile Antenna, installs above the loading coil with either a 3/8-24 stainless steel stud or an extension rod.

Use the Capacitance Hat and get a big improvement in performance on the lower bands. The base of the Capacitance Hat is 12" tall with standard 3/8 x 24 thread at both ends. It uses 4 stainless steel rods formed into a butterfly pattern 90 degrees to the antenna for maximum capacitance with less weight.

The Capacitance Hat is designed to help in two ways. First, you can use the Capacitance Hat with a whip as short as 30" and get the same frequency coverage as the 6' whip without sacrificing performance.

Second, you can add the 6' whip to the top of the Hat.

Capacitance Hat comes with a stainless steel 3/8-24 stud and 3/8-24 threaded hole for the whip. It has four "lobes" No dangerous rods sticking out! 16 inches Diameter, Constructed of Machined Solid Aluminum hub, four .100 dia. 304 SS lobes.

Made in the USA
Blue Star Antennas